The government of Balochistan approves the establishment of the SSGC Police Station in Quetta.

The Provincial Cabinet of the Government of Balochistan has unanimously approved Home Department’s request for establishing a dedicated Police Station for SSGC, with a condition that all the financial implications with regard to the salary, pension, operations and maintenance would be borne by SSGC. Meanwhile, the Police Station situation in situated in Quetta city formally started its operations last week.

SSGC’s Police Station will support the Company’s Counter Gas Theft Operations teams and other departments of the SSGCL in cracking down on gas thieves, lodging FIRs and assisting in the prosecution of the miscreants.

By acting as a major deterrence against gas theft and recovery, the Police Station and its Force are likely to significantly contribute towards reducing Unaccounted-for-Gas (UFG) or line losses in Balochistan. The Police Station will soon be inaugurated by SSGC’s MD, Imran Maniar and ADMD (Operations and UFG) Saeed Rizvi.

A similar SSGC-dedicated Police Station that has been operating in Karachi since 2015 has over the years played a pivotal role in creating deterrence in curbing the menace of gas theft, increasing recoveries and reducing UFG in Karachi.


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