The Covid-19 impact on the education sector: ILMA

ILMA was proud to hold such a superb workshop in its Gulshan Campus. This action-oriented workshop took place on 22nd February with the data expert Muhammad Hanan Iftekhar. He boasts a long list of professional achievements with multiple role positions as a Certified Trainer and Futurist, Industry 4.0 enthusiast and Soft Skills Expert. Mr Hanan goes onto celebrate a professional certificate in IBM Data Science, Professional Certificate in Applied Data Science.

Mr Hanan took the online platform with a raging storm as he narrated his professional journey punctuated by his long list of achievements. These too were backed up by the facts of his COVID-19 had propelled a fast-paced movement towards digitalization. It was simply amazing to witness such a genius who through his inspirational discussion wowed the attendees.

Mr Hanan commented, ‘We stand united towards a common formidable goal of overcoming this pandemic but at the same time educating our youth to stay focused is the inevitable drive towards more accessible digital setups and ventures worldwide.’

It was a thoroughly insightful event that the University was victoriously able to hold in its Gulshan Campus. The University continues to host such diverse events which cater to a wide array of fields. This is the single most important thing to do for a global quality uplift.

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