The 23rd SMC at National Institute of Management Karachi

The Certificate Distribution Ceremony of 23rd Senior Management Course was held in Karachi. Mohammad Zubair, Governor of Sindh graced the occasion and congratulated officers and said this significant promotional course of their professional career and will enable them to join higher level of policy and decision making tier of the Government at Federal and Provincial level.

He said “I trust that the NIM Faculty has employed all sources at its disposal to add value to your personal and professional abilities. I am also confident that the syllabus containing themes on public policy, management and research and analysis must have enabled you to better address the issues of “Good Governance” during your practical assignments”.

He said the job of the civil servants has never been the formulation of policy as it is the sole domain of the politicians having political mandate and elected positions.

The main function of civil service in any society is to implement the policies of the government with full commitment, devotion and professional ability. The basic idea behind the formation of bureaucratic structures was to provide the Government with an advisory and implementation apparatus which is academically sound, professionally competent and morally committed to serve the national and public interest and to implement and advance its political agenda.

Pakistani society, due to encountering unusual and peculiar circumstances in recent past, such as terrorism, law and order situation etc, has acquired serious dimensions of economic downfall and public disorder. Due to this transformation in society, our civil servants require even improved levels of professional competence, commitment, integrity and abilities.

In a nutshell, a professionally competent and fair-minded civil service successfully carrying out their political mandate is the only desirable option.

Mr. Mohsin Chandna, Director General NIM Karachi in his welcome address said that it is my honor and privilege to welcome you on the auspicious occasion of the Graduation Ceremony of the 23rd Senior Management Course, which is conducted under the overall policy guidelines and supervision of the National School of Public Policy, an umbrella organization of the Government of Pakistan to guide and oversee public policy and capacity building programs for the civil servants at various levels of the government.


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