The 2021 China Mobile Global Partners Conference inaugurated

The 2021 China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2021 was inaugurated on Nov. 1st in Guangzhou. The theme of the conference is “Digitally Connecting Everything, Intelligently Computing for the Future”, calling for industrial partners to contribute strength, discussing about opportunities in the development of digital economy and planning for the prospective of intelligent computing force. As the biggest and most influential annual meeting with eight years of accumulation and evolvement, the China Mobile Global Partners Conference has been considered weathervane of the information communications industry, hence guests of honor from the global industrial chain.

The main forum of 2021 China Mobile Global Partners Conference was held on the morning of November 2, and Mr. Yang Jie, the chairman of China Mobile, made a keynote speech entitled Digitally Connecting Everything, Intelligently Computing for the Future. He noted that, the expedited upgrade of new infrastructure helps spawn and develop Digital-intelligent productivity; the efficient and collaborative allocation of new resource factors helps unleash greater value of the Digital-intelligent means of production; and the gathering new momentum helps lead the dramatic changes in Digital-intelligent ways of production. The strategic decision of developing the digital economy is made in tune with a new round of technological revolution and industry reform. New infrastructure, new resource factors and new momentum are set to create unprecedented opportunities for industries’ transformation and development. Committed to serving as a major force in the development of China as a cyber power, digital nation and smart society, and becoming a world-class information services and sci-tech innovation enterprise, China Mobile will focus on “Digital-intelligent Transformation, and High-quality Development”, systemically build new infrastructure with focuses on 5G, Computing Force Network and smart middle platforms, and enable the ICT companies to play a bigger role as the “Carrying Pole” in driving investment and consumption, and boosting the growth of the digital economy. As 5G, Computing Force Network and smart middle platforms integrate, coordinate and develop together, making up a new type of information service system featuring “Connectivity + Computing Force + Ability as a Service”, driving the efficient convergence, flow and sharing of various resources and factors, enabling an ubiquitous network with omnipresent computing force and omnipotent intelligence and propelling the continuous expansion of the digital economy.

In his speech, Chairman Yang Jie also expressed China Mobile’s strong willingness to deepen cooperation with a broad range of industrial partners, focusing on building a new type of information service system of “Connectivity + Computing Force + Ability as a Service”, sharing development opportunities, boosting the digital economy, and creating a future with intelligent computing force. Firstly, to work together to generate greater social benefits of 5G, accelerating 5G integrating into various industries and serving the people. Secondly, to work together to drive coordinated innovation of Computing Force Network, achieving green, secure and healthy development of Computing Force Network. Thirdly, to work together to achieve smart middle platform empowerment, propelling “migration to cloud, application of big data and intelligence-driven enablement” of the whole society.

Mr. Dong Xin, General Manager of China Mobile, delivered a speech entitled “working with you to win the future”. Dong Xin said that China Mobile has been accelerating the construction of a world-class “power building”, and actively taking the leading role of informatization in economic and social development in recent years. We speed up the construction of “information highway” and open up the information artery of economic and social development; innovate and operate the “information high-speed railway” to meet the needs of Digital-intelligent production and life; strive to build an “innovation highland” and help the industry attain more international discourse power. China Mobile will take a more open attitude, target to meet world-class standards, focus on information services, strive to achieve scientific and technological innovation, build a new information infrastructure of “5G + computing force network + smart middle platform”, build a new information service system of “Connectivity + Computing Force + Ability”, and promote digital economic services and integration into the new development pattern. First, strengthen the layout of new infrastructure and consolidate the foundation of digital economy. Second, prosper the application of digital intelligence and stimulate the vitality of the digital economy. Third, carry out high-level scientific research and cultivate the core competence of digital economy. Fourth, strengthen all-round protection and build a strong security barrier for the digital economy.

At this conference, China Mobile, Huawei, Xiaomi, Intel and other partners jointly released “China Mobile Computing Force Network White Paper”. China Mobile, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Mango Super Media and other companies jointly held the launch ceremony of the “Heart-level Service” brand and “TOP 100 Brands Alliance”, officially launched the customer service brand “Heart-level Service” as well as the “TOP 100 Brands Alliance” plan.


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