The 13th International Urdu Conference

The Governing Body of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has approved the Urdu Conference to be held in open spaces within the premises of the Arts Council from December 3 to 6, following the COVID-19 SOPs. The meeting was presided over by President Mohammad Ahmad Shah. It was informed in the meeting that due to Corona, intellectuals and poets from abroad will speak mostly digitally this year. However, delegates from home and abroad are invited to welcome.

Addressing the meeting, the President Arts Council said that “Urdu Conference has become the brand of the Arts Council.” The Governing Body of the Arts Council commended the President of the Arts Council Ahmad Shah and said that “The progress made by the Arts Council in the last 8 to 10 years is unparalleled in any other institution in Pakistan. It has been proven that whatever the circumstances if the head is visionary and dynamic, the institutions will flourish.”

The Governing Body also expressed condolence to Bashir Saduzai’s Brother & other deceased members.

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