Syngenta’s Head of Asia Pacific visits Pakistan

yngenta Pakistan is at the forefront in supporting small and medium growers to take up modern ways of farming to ensure food security in the country. It is recognized as a premier crop protection company in Pakistan besides being the third largest in the seeds business. Syngenta’s Head of Asia Pacific, Ms Tina Lawton made her first visit to Pakistan to review Syngenta’s operations and understand the Pakistan agriculture market and how to support its further development.

Ms Lawton toured Syngenta’s R&D facility near Lahore and met with Syngenta Franchisees and farmers to get insight on the market. She assured the  Syngenta’s commitment to Pakistan, upholding its long tradition of over 50 years presence in the country, as well as modernizing the Nayasavera Franchise model with the use of new technology.She also mentioned about the Syngenta’s transition to new ownership to ChemChina and Syngenta will remain Switzerland based company. Syngenta will continue to focus on long-term investment through over $ 1.4 bn annual investment in Research & Development. 

Tina Lawton visit proved extremely fruitful and truly demonstrated the Syngenta’s commitment to improve the life of farmers. Syngenta is all geared up to transform the agriculture sector of Pakistan and make country self-sufficient to meet its food requirements through bringing in new technology and products that will cater the needs of our agriculture industry.

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