Syed Abdul Bari Jelani: A role model

The president of Arts council of Pakistan Karachi Mohammad Ahmed Shah said that Syed Abdul Bari Jelani is a role model for us, to define his immortal qualities in few words is impossible, he is an example of pride and honour, he shares his views while addressing the ceremony organized by the stage show committee of Arts council Karachi to tribute the consulate general of Cameron “Syed Abdul Bari Jelani”.

His life time struggle allowed him to produce himself as a famous personality in all over Pakistan, we are very thankful to him that he asked to comment on his life on this wonderful platform, he added. The famous Urdu poet and writer Mehmood Sham said that, he spent his life as a truthful and honest man, he always appreciates each and every person whether he is poor or illiterate he always admired them.

The chairman of stage show committee of Arts council Karachi Saadat Ali Jaffri said that, the 10 year struggle of our president Mohammad Ahmed Shah asked us to celebrate the lives of these famous personalities and we are very honour to appreciate his efforts to develop Arts council as the most dominating in all over the world. The leader of Jamat-e-Islami Mohammad Hussain Mehendi also commented on Syed Abdul bari Jelani’s life, he said that his efforts to develop Karachi as well as Sindh are unforgettable, he works for the society in every aspect. Haji Hanif Tayyab said that his name will always remembered in the history of Pakistan because he always came in the light whenever any problem faced by Pakistan.

Noushaba Siddiqui discussed Abdul Bari Jelani’s college life in which she said that he always hunts the new and emerging talent in the college he always helped each and every student and whenever college needed his help he came in the light and always encourage himself to resolve it. On this occasion many famous personalities Mohammad Ali Aziz, Aijaz Mehmood, Aijaz Mazhar, Atiya Nawazish, Salahuddin Mirza, Barkatullah Siddiqui, Justice retired Ghous Mohammad and many other also commented on the wonderful personality of Syed Abdul Bari Jelani. At the end of the day the president of Arts council Karachi Mohammad Ahmed Shah and the chairman of the stage show committee of Arts Council Karachi Saadat Ali Jafri presented shield and bouquet to Syed Abdul bari Jelani. The event was hosted by Shakeel Khan.

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