SSGC states 502 illegal connections removed as crackdown against gas theft continues

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SSGC continued to demonstrate zero tolerance against gas theft in its franchise provinces of Sindh and Balochistan through raids in residential areas. In fresh operations, the company’s theft control teams removed around 502 illegal domestic connections in different cities and towns. FIRs were also lodged against miscreants stealing gas from direct lines to run their commercial concerns.

In the heart of Karachi, SSGC’s Customer Relations Department’s theft control teams have been hard at work. They have removed 421 illegal domestic underground and overhead connections in Ayub Goth, Maymar Zone, F.B. Area, Liaquatabad, Gizri, and DHA. These are not isolated incidents. In most cases, residents had illegally extended gas connections, which were promptly dismantled. Service lines were also cut to prevent further unauthorized use.  A bakery factory owner in North Karachi was caught red-handed using a heavy generator directly through the service line to consume gas illegally. An FIR was lodged, and   theft claims are being raised to recover the losses incurred. 

Raids were also conducted by SSGC’s theft control teams on houses involved in underground and overhead theft in Nawabshah and Larkana regions, with the removal of 11 illegal domestic connections. Theft clamps and rubber pipes used in pilferage were removed by the reading teams. Consequently, theft claims are being raised. Following a raid undertaken by SS & CGTO, FIR was also lodged against gas theft culprits caught stealing gas directly to run their hotel business in Nawabshah.

Meanwhile, in upper and lower Balochistan, the crackdown against gas theft miscreants continued. The theft control teams removed 70 overhead and underground illegal gas connections in the Quetta, Pishin, Kalat, and Mastung regions. In some cases, fake meters were also found disconnected. In addition, clamps and rubber pipes used in gas theft were removed and confiscated. Theft claims are also being raised.

SSGC’s vigilance in gas theft-prone areas is unwavering. The company is determined to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in residential neighborhoods. With a laser focus on controlling gas theft, SSGC is conducting regular raids and pursuing aggressive prosecution. It’s important to note that gas theft is a significant contributor to Unaccounted-for-Gas (UFG) or line losses incurred by SSGC, a fact that underscores the gravity of the issue.



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