SSGC said a hotel owner was arrested for direct gas theft

SSGC’s technical teams, along with the  SSGC Police, raided Chai Gulab Hotel located in Jalali Muhalla, Pathan Colony, Karachi and arrested its owner, Shams-ul-Haq, on charges of direct gas connection after an FIR was lodged against him. Rubber, plastic pipes, and other items used in direct gas theft to run the hotel have also been confiscated as case property. In two separate cases, Special Gas Utility Court, Karachi, ensured the recovery of the complete quantum of loss of gas to the tune of Rs. 654,000 from accused Muhammad Saad and recovery of quantum of gas for Rs. 238,500 out of Rs. 477,400 from Habib Ali before granting them post-arrest bails. The two individuals were nominated in FIRs lodged in SSGC Police Station on charges of power generation for commercial purposes. The Prosecution Wing of Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations (SS & CGTO) contested the cases in the Utility Court.

In Hyderabad, the SS & CGTO Department cracked down in Latifabad, Hyderabad, on a customer using gas for commercial purposes through domestic connections to run his bakery. The meter and regulator were suspected to be tampered with. Connected Load was 450 cft / hr. The case has been referred to the Recovery Department for the removal of the meter and regulator for testing. The CGTO Department team also raided school and university kitchens where domestic customers used gas commercially. Meters and regulators were suspected to be tampered with. The connected load was 358 cft / hr.  Both cases have been referred to the Recovery Department for testing.

Following a complaint from the PMDU portal regarding theft in Anas Heights, a high-rise building located in the Hyderabad locality of Qasimabad, the anti-gas theft team visited the site and found that 36 flats were using direct gas by installing an underground theft clamp from the nearest existing 63 mm gas pipeline. The clamp and rubber tubing were removed, and necessary repair work was done.

Meanwhile, in Qasimabad, subsequent to an underground leak survey in Goth Sajjan Detho, several leakages were identified where, after excavation, an underground gas theft clamp was found installed on a 4′ dia. gas pipeline from which 25 houses illegally used gas. The theft clamp was removed during the raid, and repair work was done. A leak survey in Qasimabad, Phase 2, also unravelled several leakages.  Excavation work was conducted, and the raiding team discovered an underground theft clamp installed on a 3/4′ dia. service line from which five houses illegally used gas. The clamp was removed, and the leakage was rectified.

In fresh raids, SSGC’s Distribution Department disconnected more than 80 illegal overhead and underground connections in different locations of the Sukkur region, including Deha Muhallah, Nandhi Patni Rohri and Mitho Mari (Khairpur Zone). The approximate theft volume committed was 76,800 cm/year. Theft claims have been raised.

Meanwhile, in the Nawabshah region, SSGC’s Distribution Department identified six overhead direct theft from the service lines for illegally supplying gas to 16 houses in Mehrabpur, Sinjhoro, Bhirya Road and other villages. 4 underground theft clamps supplying gas to 9 houses were also identified in Sinjhoro. Clamps and direct theft lines were removed, the service line was killed, and theft claims were raised. Meanwhile, in Larkana, Shikarpur, and Jacobabad zones, 12 overhead and 2 undergoing theft cases were discovered, after which clamps and rubber pipes were removed. Theft claims were also raised.

In addition, SSGC’s upper Balochistan team raided a house in Bostan-Kuchlak that was providing an illegal gas connection to a shop for running a generator. The team disconnected the illegal connection and recovered the plastic pipes.

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