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SSGC removed 915 illegal connections and made 2 arrests

SSGC’s anti-gas theft control teams continued to show zero tolerance towards gas thieves by cracking down on domestic customers using gas for commercial purposes. 915 illegal connections were removed in residential areas of Sindh and Balochistan following targeted raids by SSGC. Aggressive prosecution also continued against gas theft and two arrests were made on charges of direct theft and tampering with the transmission line.

In a significant case, culprit Suno who was charged with tampering with the transmission line, assuming it was carrying oil, was arrested by Jamshoro Police after forceful prosecution by SSGC’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operation’s prosecution team. In Larkana, Zulfiqar Solangi who was involved in stealing gas and selling it to his neighbour was taken into custody on orders from Gas Utility Court after the latter rejected his bail application.

In Karachi and Hyderabad about 420 illegal connections were removed in raids conducted in the residential areas in Garden, F. B. Area, North Karachi, Liaquatabad and Ramaswami. Service lines were removed and theft claims are being raised.

In Balochistan SSGC’s theft control teams continued to tighten the noose on the gas theft miscreants by removing 470 illegal connections from the residential areas in Quetta, Pishin, Kalat and Killis around these cities. More than 12 fake meters were also removed during the operations. Theft claims are being raised accordingly.

More raids on overhead and underground connections were conducted by SSGC teams in the Nawabshah and Larkana regions and summarily 25 connections were dismantled. Theft clamps and rubber pipes used in the theft were removed and claims are being raised.

Gas theft is one of the major reasons behind Unaccounted-for-Gas (UFG) or line losses. SSGC is laser-focused towards controlling the menace of gas theft through regular raids and aggressive prosecution.


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