You are currently viewing SSGC completes six major pipeline projects in Karachi as part of massive augmentation plan

SSGC completes six major pipeline projects in Karachi as part of massive augmentation plan

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To tackle the challenges of reduced gas supply and low-pressure issues along with a simultaneous increase in demand from consumers, SSGC has made massive investments in its gas distribution network. Implementing multiple gas infrastructure projects in Karachi has become indispensable as more than 2 million households in the city depend on piped natural gas supply for their domestic heating and cooking requirements. The criticality of natural gas supply is especially pronounced in urban setups and more so in the case of multi-storied dwellings where the only practical alternative is LPG, which is seen by the bulk of the population as a ‘budget-breaker’. Despite the recent price revisions, natural gas remains the cheapest heating source by a substantial margin, particularly for the ‘protected consumers’.

Like the rest of the country, Karachi has, over the years, experienced a population increase at a frenetic pace as it attracts scores of migrants and visitors seeking livelihood. On the other hand, production from the available sources of natural gas has been continuously declining for almost a decade, massively widening the demand-supply gap. This adversely affects SSGC’s capacity to maintain pipeline pressures at adequate levels. Consequently, consumers, especially those in densely populated areas, struggle to receive optimal gas pressure. Naturally, the first course of action to ensure an equitable distribution of a limited quantity of natural gas is the administrative measures, which have been gradually intensified to saturation.

As a long-term resolution to these challenges, the gas network in Karachi is being augmented by constructing six major pipeline projects to separate the industrial and domestic sectors, which have different natural gas pressures and volume requirements. A 16” diameter x 5 km pipeline was completed in December 2023 that connects SSGC’s Surjani Step-down Assembly to its pipelines near Madinat-ul-Hikmah. Completing this project has resulted in significant pressure improvements for both the industrial consumers in Karachi West and the domestic consumers in Surjani West, Valika and SITE areas. Additionally, SSGC is constructing a 24” diameter transmission pipeline for the Karachi West Region on a fast-track basis, a project expected to be completed soon that will remove the low-pressure issues for the SITE industrial Area, Shershah and other adjoining areas. This project is also designed to cater to the future gas requirements in the Northern by-pass, Hub and Vindar Industrial Areas.

In December 2023, a 16” diameter x 6.2 km pipeline from Pakistan Steel Mills to Yousuf Goth, Landhi, was completed, which has massively improved pressures for consumers belonging to all sectors located in the Landhi Area. In June 2024, SSGC commissioned its 20” diameter x 9 km pipeline from Azeempura to Jam Sadiq Ali Bridge to reduce gas pressure issues in Korangi and adjoining areas.

Furthermore, two more distribution pipelines, namely, a 16” diameter x 10 km pipeline from Karachi Terminal to TBS Maymar CNG and a 20” diameter x 11 km pipeline from SMS Sheedi Goth to Tapping Point (20” diameter Future Colony Augmentation project), along with upgradation of SMS Sheedi Goth are being executed at an expedited pace to achieve completion in the next couple of weeks days. These pipelines will improve service delivery to the old city area, I. I. Chundrigar Road, Kemari, Kharadar, Lyari, Clifton and DHA, besides supporting gas requirements in the Korangi Industrial area.

With the construction and commissioning of the above-mentioned capital-intensive and challenging projects, SSGC has continued to demonstrate a robust commitment to its vision of being a model utility company. The added infrastructure will enable SSGC to continue serving its consumers through optimized delivery pressures and mitigation of low-pressure complaints across Karachi and adjacent areas.


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