Spotify features Talal Qureshi on Times Square for a Week.

Times Square is witnessing another Pakistani artist standing tall as Talal Qureshi, the renowned music producer and singer, steps into the spotlight for an entire week with Spotify starting October 6th. Spotify’s backing of Talal’s latest album, ‘TURBO,’ has already created waves with an earlier feature at Spain’s FC Barcelona Stadium. Following his captivating appearance on LED screens at Estadio Olímpico Lluís Companys, Talal’s extended feature in the heart of New York City is a testament to Spotify’s commitment to promoting local music talents globally.

Known for his skillful fusion of classical Pakistani music and modern electronic elements, Talal has achieved the remarkable feat of being the first Pakistani artist to receive on-ground support from Spotify for the launch of his album. This support has enabled him to introduce his voice to a worldwide audience.

TURBO is an album that expertly combines eastern and western musical influences, bridging cultural gaps and includes collaborations with other talented artists such as Zaw Ali, Zahoor, Blal Bloch, Natasha Noorani and Maanu.




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