Sindh theater festival continued at Arts Council of Karachi

On the 12th day of Sindh theater festival Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi staged a Sindhi Language play with the name of “Tirkini Dakan”. The play was directed by Ayood Gad. The play was staged and performed at Arts Council Auditorium. The drama was the part of on-going Sindh theater festival by Arts Council of Karachi with the collaboration of Sindh Culture Department. The hall of the Arts Council had been filled with people.

The play was a critic on commercialization of Art and literature. When a reader read the old literature of different languages and then modern literature he comes to the conclusion that the modern literature is just a piece of commodity. The main character of the play read the poetry and preaching’s of Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai and then he searched for the classical, modern and postmodern literature and come to the conclusion that the modern literature and postmodern literature is written for the purpose of butter and it is now a commodity as like other goods and services for commercialization. Then he left the city and move to village to teach the poetry and preaching’s to the school children.

The on-going Sindh theater festival will last till 18th of November that includes 20 Urdu and Sindhi Plays.

Meanwhile, with the collaboration of Sindh Culture Department, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is going to stage a Sindhi Play “Hartal” in Sindh Theater Festival on the 15th of November 2018 at 7:30 PM on Thursday at Arts Council Auditorium Karachi. The play will be directed by Sattar lar where famous artists of the Sindhi theater will perform in the play.

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