SI Global Solutions and Dell Technologies enter into a 10-year strategic partnership.

SI Global Solutions announced the beginning of a groundbreaking 10-year partnership with Dell Technologies at the event held in Karachi, solidifying SI Global Solutions as an official distributor and channel partner for Dell branded hardware in Pakistan.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the region’s technology landscape. It promises to bring cutting-edge Dell hardware solutions to businesses and consumers alike.

Dr Noman Said, CEO of SI Global Solutions, urged educational authorities to standardise the Information Technology (IT) syllabus across all educational boards in Pakistan. He believes that a uniform curriculum will ensure equal opportunities for students nationwide.

Dr. Said emphasized the importance of English proficiency and suggested that students also learn additional languages such as Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese. Mastery of these languages can significantly enhance career prospects in the tech sector, both locally and internationally.

“A standardized IT syllabus will level the playing field and equip our students with essential skills for the global tech industry. Language proficiency in Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese can provide a competitive edge,” Dr. Said stated.

Dell Technologies, renowned for its pioneering contributions to the tech industry, is equally optimistic about this collaboration. Naveed Siraj, CEO of Dell Technologies, shared his confidence in SI Global Solutions: “We are excited to embark on this 10-year journey with SI Global Solutions, a company that has consistently demonstrated excellence and innovation. We trust their expertise and dedication to deliver Dell’s high-quality hardware to the Pakistani market, ensuring our customers receive the best technology solutions available.”

This partnership will enable SI Global Solutions to offer a comprehensive range of Dell’s industry-leading hardware products, including laptops, desktops, servers, and storage solutions. By leveraging Dell’s cutting-edge technology and SI Global Solutions’ deep market knowledge and distribution capabilities, this collaboration aims to enhance the technological infrastructure in Pakistan, supporting businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies in their digital transformation journeys.



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