Shura Hamdard Karachi chapter : Promotion of alternative medicine stressed

Speakers at a meeting of Shura Hamdard Karachi chapter urged the government to promote Alternative Medicine in the country in order to solve the problem of public health care. The meeting was held on Thursday March 09, 2017 on the theme: “Public health care and government responsibilities”, presided over by Justice (Rtd) Haziqul Khairi at a local hall.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Dr. Hakim Abdul Hannan, Vice Chancellor, Hamdard University said that the solution of public health care issue laid in the implementation and promotion of alternative medicine particularly of Unani Medicine, which was based on herbs, plants and other halal things and could be used with confidence in Islamic countries. ‘Unani Medicine is comparatively a cheaper treatment, its herbs and medicinal plants can easily be grown in the country thus it is economically saver of foreign exchange and suit to our weather and temperament’, he said adding; ‘If we pay heed to the promotion of Unani Medicine we would not only be able to solve our health problems but also to help other countries in solving their health issues’.

He said it was Hamdard who played key role in introducing Unani Medicine in the country, regulating its medicines and standardizing its education by taking it up to higher degrees as many students had done their M.Phil and Ph.D at Faculty of Eastern Medicine, Hamdard University.

He said that a hospital of Eastern Medicine, made by Hamdard University, was providing free health services to the people of surrounding areas where no health services were available before this hospital.

‘A seed – QUINOA, brought from a country of Latin America, is being cultivated at the botanical garden of Hamdard University which is rice – like in taste and equal to the size of millet (bajra). It is a good substitute of rice, can be grown in seltish water and useful for diabetic patients, Prof. Hakim Hannan informed.

Zubaida Mustafa, a veteran journalist said that health care was a fundamental human right, even W.H.O stressed on every country to give this right to its citizen but, in our country access to health care was a big issue. A big and costly hospital was useless for the poor, she said adding that in a country where less than 0.25per cent of GDP was being spent on health care creation of such situation was obvious. There was one nurse on 4 doctors in our country and the main purpose of doctors now was to make money, she said.

She stressed upon the prevention, which people could take themselves by cleansing their homes, streets and areas.






Haq Nawaz Akhtar said that there were only two countries – Cuba and Eretria in the world where healthcare was provided from birth to death by their respective governments. No doctor and engineer should be allowed to appear in CSS examinations, because it was the loss of professional seats, he added and further said that alternative medicine should be given official recognition and their councils be formed.


Mrs. Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan said that the councils of Unanani Medicine and Homeopathy were already formed and working in the country with enough budget.


Justice (Rtd) Zia Pervez said that he was working on a plant — Spirulinoe, which grew from moss and had both quality of food and medicine.


Col ® Mukhtar Ahmed Butt said there were 74 doctors on a population of 100,000 and doctor mafia was also there to plunder the people and in such a situation how healthcare facilities could be provided to the people.


Zafar Iqbal said that minimum amount was allocated to the health sector that’s why this sector was on the receiving end. Hospitals of Alternative Medicine, with complete equipment and medical machinery, should be constructed in each town and city to provide health care facilities to the masses.


Naushaba Khalil was of the view that alternative medicine was good and government should utilize it to solve the problem of health in the country. Specialist doctors who were taking big consultation fees should be brought to accountability, she added.


Prof. Muhammad Rafi said that fluorides of tooth paste, being sold in the market, were of inferior quality, people should use miswak or its paste for their oral health.


Com (Rtd) Sadeed Anwar Malik said that alternative medicine can be used in providing health care, but awareness about this system of treatment must be given to public and research on its medicines be carried out.


Dr. Abubakar Shiekh was of the opinion that the quota of male and female students in medical colleges be reviewed as the girls after getting medical degrees got married and stayed at homes, so for them it has become a finishing degree.


Usman Damohi and Khalid Ikramullah Khan and Prof. Dr. Akhtar Saeed Siddiqui also spoke.

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