Shura Hamdard Karachi: Appointment of a full-status foreign minister stressed

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Speakers at a meeting of Shura Hamdard Karachi chapter urged the government to appoint a full-status minister for foreign affairs in order to take full advantage of changing scenario of America’s administration in the wake of presidential election, held on 8th November this year in USA. The meeting was held on yesterday on the theme: “Results of American elections and their possible impacts on the world and need of an active and dynamic foreign ministry in Pakistan, presided over by Justice (Rtd) Haziqul Khari at a local hall.

Speaking on the occasion, the former ambassador of Pakistan, Mr. Mahdi Masud said that India has been trying hard to isolate Pakistan in international community; Pakistanis could counter the Indian move by demonstrating full-fledged national unity and abolishing the extremism and sectarianism from their society. ‘If a new government takes over in America Pakistani government should talk to it, for it provides a good opportunity to Pakistan to mend its relationship with USA’, he added.

Dr. Mahum Munir Ahmed, Vice President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan said that newly elected president of USA, Donald Trump had a soft corner with India, but Pakistan was an important country and old ally of America and US achieved many success in world polity with the help of Pakistan so, he could not avoid Pakistan. However, it was in the interest of Pakistan that it must take strong decisions in this regard.

Justice (Rtd) Zia Pervez was of the view that a new culture of white America was rising in US and Donald Trump was its representative who would toe the line of his party and the hegemony of India would be ended soon.

Commodore (Rtd) Sadeed Anwar Malik said that Trump was a white American and his slogan: ‘Make America white again’, gained popularity and he won the presidential election. It was in America’s interest to keep relationship with Pakistan intact and Donald Trump would never go against the interests of his country, thus he would not set Pakistan aside.

Haq Nawaz Akhtar said that American president was not such autonomous as we thought; he was bound to go with the will of US Senate and House of Representative and would soon change his policy of inclination towards India. President Obama had more liking for India than Trump as the former had given full technology of F-16 aero-planes to India and now the aero-planes would build in India instead of USA. Pakistan now should strengthen its relations with Rusia too along with China, he suggested.

Khalid Ikramullah Khan said that Obama was a pro-India president and the bad time Pakistan faced in his tenure had never come before in the history of Pak-America relationship. It was the result of Obama’s tenure that 3 Hindus were elected in American Congress in recent US elections, he added.

Mohammed Usman Damohi said that the slogan of “Do More” which disturbed Pakistan to large extent was the creation of Hillary Clinton. Republican presidents of USA were always more supportive to Pakistan than Democratic presidents and we could not forget the support extended by President Nixon to Pakistan at the time of Dacca fall in 1971, he maintained.

Prof. Mohammed Rafi was of the view that Modi in India and Trump in America would be a blessing for Pakistan. Because now Muslims would face and handle the open enemies and would not be deceived by hidden enemies like congress party of India. Rightism was flourishing in west meaning thereby that colonialism and imperialism were being promoted in the world, he added.

Dr. Abubakar Sheikh, Zafar Iqal, Engineer Anwarul Haq Siddiqui and Zafar Iqbal also spoke.

Shura in a unanimous resolution has expressed its deep sorrow over the tragic incidence of PIA aircraft and condoled the death of its prominent member, Burhanuddin Hasan, who died recently.


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