Shura Hamdard: Adoption of Scientific Methods to avoid Smog stressed

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Speakers at the meeting of Shura Hamdard Karachi chapter urged the government to facilitate the farmers to choose scientific methods to remove the roots of cotton crops, after cutting them, and to sow new crops in order to avoid smog which is very harmful to the health of people, living in Lahore and other cities, adding that our government should make a request to Indian government to do the same in Indian Punjab as the smoke of their burnt crops causes badly effects to our cities.

The meeting was held yesterday on the theme: “Effects of Smog – Chimate Change or Human Negligence” under the chairmanship of Justice (Rtd) Haziqul Khairi at a local hall. Mrs. Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan was also present at the meeting.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Abubakr said that the main reasons of smog were i) burning of cotton crops’ roots and the smoke thus created was intensified by the smoke of Indian cotton crops; ii) smoke, emitted from industry and vehicles and iii) intensive moisture of atmosphere due to air pollution. This situation could be changed by administrative and scientific measures, he said, adding that our governments didn’t have political strength to make hard decisions.

‘Now-a-days in Pakistan administrative measures are being taken by the court and 90 percent administrative decisions are being made by courts,’ he said and quoted the example of Metro Orange Line Train project which was closed by the Lahore High Court and after a laps of long time the Supreme Court gave verdict in favour of it and this project has now been started again.

He said that the negligence of our governments created these problems. Nevertheless the administrative problems should not be left on courts, as they could interpret the constitution but they were not meant to solve the administrative issues, he added.

‘The effects of climate change are being felt throughout the world and all nations of the world are worried about this development, but the key of solution of this great problem is in the hand of USA and China, being the biggest industrial countries,’ he said adding the ‘Paris Agreement’ which made to solve this problem has now become ineffective, because of President Trump’s decision to take USA out of this agreement making USA free from the obligations of the agreement. Possibly the third world war could not able to destroy the world, but climate change could do it, unless the people and the governments of the world would stand to save the globe, he added.

Justice (Rtd) Haziqul Khairi was of the view that courts were not meant to run the administration of the country and it was the responsibility of bureaucrats only but they were made gradually weak and helpless by the successive governments in Pakistan.

Prof. Muhammed Rafi said that 900,0000 generators were working day and night and causing pollution in the country. Peasants, in western countries, used to remove the roots of crops not by burning but uprooted them with the help of tools. Our farmers should take the leaf from their book, he added.

Com ® Sadeed Anwar Malik said that the climate change was the result of men’s negligence, but they also have the ability to overcome this problem. In USA 50 percent energy was created through coal. But they changed its carbon dioxide into the fresh air. Zero energy buildings were being built in US, China, India and Pakistan as well to reduce the temperature of the earth, he added.

Dr. Rizwana Ansari suggested that if we wanted to save our globe we should train our new generation how to avoid pollution making them aware of the bad effects of climate change. Subject of Climate Change should be included in curricula of schools and colleges, she added.

Professor Kafil Ahmed while stressing upon the need of education said that without education nobody would be able to understand the consequences of climate change. Education should be the first priority of the government, he added.

Prof. Dr. Tanvir Khalid while emphasizing the need of information and knowledge about the pollution and climate change said that the training for this purpose should be given in educational institutions and through media as they were more effective means to create awareness.

Ms. Huma Baig and Sheikh Usman Damohi also spoke. Shura in a unanimous resolution has condoled the deaths of Masood Ahmed Barakati and Khalid Ikramullah Khan, who died recently.

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