Shell Pakistan Limited posts record profit after tax of PKR 6,764 million

The Board of Directors of Shell Pakistan Limited announced the financial results for the year ended December 31, 2016. The Company posted an after tax profit of PKR 6,764 million and announced a final divided of PKR 28 per share in addition to the interim dividend of PKR 6. Jawwad Cheema, Managing Director Shell Pakistan stated “It has been a remarkable year for Shell Pakistan, both in terms of financial performance and in the value offering to our customers. We delivered a record profit of PKR 6.7 billion – the highest in two decadesand a six-fold increase since last year.

This year we also brought the best of our global fuel portfolio offering – Shell V-Power for the Pakistani customer. This was made possible due to the Government’s decision to open up the market by deregulating premium fuel, and allowing OMC’s to enhance product offering and choices for customers. For continued improvement in performance, it is imperative to have a conducive environment and we look forward to support from the Government in bringing about further infrastructural and policy improvements in the sector that will allow us and other players to play a better role in building Pakistan’s energy future.”

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