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Shaheen Shah vs Babar Azam, Captaincy dispute heats up the smartphone industry

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realme is gearing up to significantly impact the smartphone market with the anticipated launch of the realme 12 and realme 12+ 5G on June 26th. This launch poses a formidable threat to vivo’s Y100 and V30e 5G, by offering competitive features and aggressive pricing.

The realme 12 series is expected to deliver powerful performance, thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G chipset and a powerful 50MP portrait camera with Sony OIS. These features and more will directly compete with vivo Y100’s unique colour-changing design 80W flash charge, and the advanced imaging capabilities of the V30e 5G.

Performance: realme 12’s MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G chipset offers robust multitasking and gaming capabilities, promising a seamless user experience.

Camera: The powerful 50MP portrait camera with Sony OIS in realme 12 aims to rival the advanced imaging of vivo V30e 5G.

The realme 12 series is set to redefine expectations in the smartphone market in Pakistan, promising to give vivo tough competition. With its focus on performance and camera quality, realme aims to capture the interest of tech-savvy consumers and enthusiasts. Other features of the realme 12 series are rumoured to be game-changers, and their full specifications will only be revealed at the official launch.

The launch news has already hit leading publications via adverts showcasing Pakistan Cricket Team’s pacer and superstar Shaheen Afridi, adding to the excitement and anticipation.

Adding to the intrigue, Vivo’s ambassador, Babar Azam and Realme’s ambassador, Shaheen Afridi, are now set to compete head-to-head in the smartphone market. This rivalry mirrors their professional careers, where Afridi replaced Azam as T20I captain following the 2023 ODI World Cup, leading to some friction. The tussle between these cricket stars has now extended to their brand endorsements, with realme 12 posing fierce competition to Vivo’s latest models.

Stay tuned for the official launch on June 26th, as the realme 12 series prepares to challenge vivo and offer consumers an exciting new, high-end choice in the smartphone market.


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