Shaheen Air International clarifies no crash landing at Lahore Airport

Shaheen Air International (SAI) has strongly condemned the way the investigation report released on Wednesday is being showcased. It is clearly mentioned in the report that the main reason for mishap at Lahore International Airport was solely due to the incorrect flight path provided by the control tower to the Captain of SAI Airline by which landing gear collapsed due to over load as the aircraft moved on an unprepared surface.

The press statement further added that no alcohol is allowed or permitted at SAI whatsoever. The drinking of alcohol was done by the Captain in his personal capacity and due action has been taken by the airline against the Captain by dismissing him.

It may be noted that administration of breathalyzer test on pilots was not a requirement either by Pakistan or International Civil Aviation safety standards and was not the main cause of the incident as highlighted by some media reports. However any necessary regulations passed in this case by the relevant authorities in future, will duly be complied by Shaheen Air International with immediate effects.Shaheen has also taken concrete steps to mitigate any such thing in the future by any pilot by being the first airline in Pakistan to administer random and snap breathalyzer checks on its pilots.

The report confirms that the cockpit crew had valid licenses and up to date medical fitness certificates and were authorized to undertake flights. Sufficient rest was also provided to the cockpit crew before the flight. The cockpit crew was adequately trained on B-737 aircraft and operationally fit to fly the aircraft on the mishap day. All these factors are in line with the safety international standards followed by Shaheen for all flights.

SAI also clarified here that the Captain was hired with extensive flying background with all the necessary licenses and technical certifications and before joining Shaheen Air International he was also the captain for PIA as well.

It is also important to iterate here that during the incident all the passengers including the aircraft crew and the pilot were safely recovered from the aircraft.

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