SSGC announces 48-hour gas holiday

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Due to the shortage of gas supplies in SSGC’s system, the availability of gas has decreased, resulting in the depletion of the line pack and causing low pressures in the system.

Under clause # 14 of GSA for Industrial Customers approved by OGRA and as allowed by ECC of the cabinet to effectively manage gas load according to the approved SECTORAL PRIORITY ORDER, in force for gas load management, all Industries, including their Power Generation Units and all CNG Stations in Sindh (including those being operated on RLNG) will remain closed for forty-eight (48) hours as per the following given schedule;


Gas Closure Begins

Saturday – December 30, 2023 – 08:00 am

Gas Closure Ends

Monday – January 01, 2024 – 08:00 am

Total Duration of Closure

48 hours


SSGC will take strict action against any industry found violating this Gas Holiday Period, and subsequently, their gas supplies will be disconnected for at least seven days,

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