Sathee writers awards held

Organized by the children’s premiere Urdu magazine Mahnama Sathee, the 15th edition of ‘Sathee Writers’ Awards’ for the year 2017-18 held yesterday evening on July 28, 2019 here at the Karachi Arts Council. Distinguished Urdu Scholar Dr. Moin Uddin Aqeel was the chief guest on the occasion.

In his keynote address, Athar Ali Hashmi said children’s literature is growing by leaps and bounds without any government support and the new crop of children’s writers is as talented as those of the golden period of Urdu literature.

Every year, Sathee Writers’ Awards are given to leading writers, poets and essayists for their valuable contributions to children’s literature produced in the Urdu language. The event tends to be the country’s largest annual literary festival solely dedicated to children’s literature.

Among the leading speakers who addressed on the occasion were Dr. Moin Uddin Aqeel, renowned Urdu scholar, Saleem Mughal, distinguished writer and former media consultant for UNICEF, and such leading writers as Sahzia Fareehn and Ambreen Haseeb Amber. Among the other award winners were Jawaid Bisam, Hammad Zaheer, Beena Siddiqui, Seema Siddiqui, Fouzia Khaleel, Ibn-e-Aas Mohammad, Altaf Hussain, Fatima Noor Siddiqui, Azam Tariq Kohistani, Rahat Ayesha, Komal Fatima Allah Bakhsh, and many others.

Started in 1977 in a single-roomed office, Monthly Sathee has emerged as the most popular children’s Urdu monthly in the subcontinent. Despite severe financial setbacks and lack of support by government and literary societies, the magazine is an embodiment of lifelong efforts made by its Urdu writers as well as the publisher.

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