SAP congratulates K-Electric on completing 5 years of using SAP IS-U

SAP, the global leader in enterprise software development, congratulates K-Electric on completing 5 years of using SAP IS-U, the world’s best system for billing, which ensures efficiency, eliminates human intervention and creates transparency. It is pertinent to note that K-Electric is the only utility in Pakistan to implement SAP IS-U enabling the power utility to provide quality service to its customers.

The implementation of SAP has fast-tracked complaint resolution and optimized all business and operations; enabling KE to serve its consumers through one-window operations while tracking all processes in real time. KE has set a benchmark in the utility sector of Pakistan. SAP implemented projects at K-Electric includes ERP, IS-U, CRM, Open Text and Success Factors.

Per KE spokesperson, “We firmly believe that integration of latest technology in company operations helps improve overall efficiency to meet the ever-growing consumer expectations. There has been a continuous focus to implement modern technologies to further enhance our network operations and maintenance, strengthen fault identification, billing and database management systems to provide priority services to our valued customers.”

Known for implementing consumer-centric technologies, K-Electric has implemented several leading IT based services like – ‘Genesys’ – world’s leading customer experience platforms; centralized handling of complaints via web, social media; complaints registration and closure alerts as well as bill payment via mobile platforms besides other customer touch points such as 29 IBCs and mobile vans providing services at customers’ doorstep.

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