Salt Manufacturers plea to PM to address transporter looting under axle load regime

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The enforcement of axle load regulations for truck carriage has inadvertently led to increased extortion from traders for transporting goods within Pakistan. This exploitation has significantly raised transport costs, severely impacting export activities.

Qasim Yaqoob Paracha, Chairman of the Salt Manufacturers Association of Pakistan, has appealed to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Federal Minister of Communications Abdul Aleem Khan to address the escalating issue of transporter extortion urgently. He emphasised the crucial role of the government in enforcing the Ministry of Communication’s axle load regulations, ensuring fair charges for goods transportation.

Paracha highlighted that transport mafia is exploiting loopholes in the axle load limits, charging traders for loads well beyond the regulated limits of 30 to 32 tons, citing unnecessary fines and delays during deliveries. This unfair practice not only inflates transport costs but also detrimentally affects various sectors, including the salt industry, a vital part of our economy, ultimately hampering export activities.

The SMAP Chairman urged the government to define and enforce axle load limits for truck carriage nationwide, mandating transporters strictly to government-regulated charges based on the stipulated load limits.


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