Saifuddin Zoomkawala, Chairman EFU presided symposium on health care insurance

The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) has organized a symposium on Health Care Insurance in Karachi recently. Mr. Saifuddin Zoomkawala, Chairman, Eastern Federal Union Insurance Co. (EFU) was the key note speaker on the occasion. Mr. Irfan Ahmed Sarwana, Vice President FPCCI welcomed Mr. Saifuddin Zoomkawala, Chairman EFU at the Head office of FPCCI and appreciated the efforts of FPCCI Standing committee on Medical consultant for organizing this symposium on the HealthCare Insurance whose objective is to create an awareness regarding the importance of healthcare, which is the main issue of people of Pakistan and particularly industrial workers, unfortunately, like the other social sector, health is not a priority area of the Pakistan government.

Mr. Irfan Sarwana further added that Health insurance is an approach of paying all the costs of healthcare. It protects insured persons from paying high treatment costs during all types of sickness. The history of Health Insurance is as old as the history of mankind. Currently, according to World Bank, the system is practiced in more than 80 countries all over the world.

In Pakistan, the Private Health Insurance was introduced more than three decades back, but its significance was never fully acknowledged. However the past few years has seen a growing interest in both its understanding and acceptance.  In urban Areas, People have generally awareness of the scheme but in rural areas, the people are generally unaware about this scheme.  The holding of these types of seminar and symposium is to create awareness and impress upon need of ensuring adoption of health insurance scheme for in industrial workers.

While concluding Mr. Irfan Ahmed Sarwana, Vice President FPCCI thanked Chairman of FPCCI Standing Committee on Medical Consultants for organizing this important seminar in order to create awareness regarding health insurance in Pakistan.

Caption Picture.

Mr. Irfan Ahmed Sarwana, Vice President FPCCI is presenting FPCCI crest to Mr. Saifuddin Zoomkawala, Chairman EFU. Mirza Ishtiaq Baig, Mr. Saqib Fayyaz Magoon, Vice Presidents FPCCI, Mr. Hanif Gohar, Former Vice President FPCCI and others also seen in the picture.

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