Renowned Professor Doctor Abid Karim joins Usman Institute of Technology Faculty

In line with its vision to building a world class institute of higher learning, Usman Institute of Technology continues to identify and hire exceptionally qualified & experienced faculty including its newest addition, Dr. Abdul Karim. Mr. Karim is joining the UIT faculty as a Professor and the Head of Problem/Project- based Learning Programme. He holds a Doctorate’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked extensively as an educator and advisor of educational theory, curriculum, and future trends in education at numerous well-known and renowned universities in Karachi.

Dr. Abid Karim has always been keen on using technology to come up with solutions that would benefit humanity as a whole. He has had research experience in various areas such as solar tube-wells, hybrid cars, solar desalination projects and the like. Such is his passion that in 2010 he laid down the foundations for his own business venture by the name of PakSolar with the mission to integrate sustainable living methods using modern technologies to benefit mankind. He is excited about working with faculty and students in taking advantage of the Problem/Project- based Learning.

“The talent pool interested in becoming part of UIT is exceptional,” said Dr. Zahir Ali Syed, Director of UIT. “The background diversity and energy Dr. Abid Karim brings will provide an amazing chance for our students to gain from his vast experience. I am really excited about how Problem/Project- based Learning will help our students to solve problems being faced by the industry, government and society. With this learning technique they will become productive in the shortest possible time. UIT is making great progress towards realizing their vision for promoting research and development. We could never be successful without the right people becoming part of the faculty. Dr. Abid Karim joining the school is a tremendous addition.”

Usman Institute of Technology supports and promotes research and development culture within its students and faculty. UIT’s faculty members are prolific researchers who have many books to their credit, and their research papers have appeared in journals of international repute and has won many prizes.

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