Reception in honour of Malaysia based Dr Mushtaq Hussain

Dr Hadi Shahid, Partner Alliott Hadi Shahid Chartered Accountants, hosted a lunch in honour of Malaysia based Dr Mushtaq Hussain, a renowned world famous Economist and Professor of Asia e-University Malaysia who did various economic, strategic and development projects for various countries including the United Nations.

Few members of the Executive Committee of Karachi Editors Club, Alliott Karachi officials and FCAs friend from different financial institutions were also invited to discuss current economic condition of Pakistan.

Dr Mushtaq Hussain, giving his output on the occasion, said Pakistan has a potential to grow but corruption, inefficiency, and negligence are main hurdles in achieving the desired targets. He said weakness of currency against dollar, high interest rate due to heavy domestic borrowing, and harsh conditions of IMF’s recent program, the common person is suffering a lot and it is expected that price hike and inflation will grow further.

He said independent and efficient economic policies should be adopted to develop trade and economic activities in the country. He said with the trade and industrial developments in the country our exports can boost which is the urgent need of the hour.

Dr Mushtaq said relations among Pakistan, China, Turkey and Afghanistan should be further improved.

Mubasher Mir, Ehsan Ellahi, Mohiuddin Hashmi, Syed Ibne Hassan, Basit Zahid, Syed Ejaz Ahmed, Amanullah Piracha, Samir AhmdShahid, Shan Abbas and Hashaam Sheikh also participated in the discussion to improve economy of Pakistan. Dr. Hadi Shahid, host of the luncheon meeting, thanked to all the guests on this occasion.

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