Qatar stands with Pakistan in difficult times, bilateral trade has reached 3 billion dollars, Consul General

Consul General of Qatar Mishal Al Ansari says that the joint trade between Pakistan and Qatar has increased from 2.7 billion dollars to 3 billion dollars. Apart from this, in the recent visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Qatar has announced an aid of 3 billion rupees to bring Pakistan’s economy out of the crisis. He expressed these views while addressing a luncheon at the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI). KATI President Faraz-ur-Rehman, Senior Vice President Nighat Awan, Vice President Muslim Mohammadi, Standing Committee Chairman Rashid Siddiqui, Former Presidents Saleem-uz-Zaman, Danish Khan, Johar Qandhari, Farrukh Mazhar, Executive Director Pak Qatar Takaful Mehmood Arshad and other officials were also present. The Consul General of Qatar added that Qatar stands with Pakistan in difficult situations, while being among Pakistan’s major trading partners. More than 210,000 Pakistanis are getting employment in Qatar, he said that the government has decided to increase the number of Pakistani workers in Qatar. Consul General Mishal Al Ansari said that in 2021, Qatar provided LPG gas to Pakistan. He further said that Qatar has globally achieved a unique position by organizing the best World Cup football festival. He invited a delegation of Pakistani investors led by KATI to visit Qatar to take advantage of the opportunities there.

Earlier, KATI President Faraz-ur-Rehman said that Pakistan is currently facing an economic crisis. However, Qatar’s increase in trade volume is felicitated. He said that Pakistan is rich in immense resources but unfortunately we could not take advantage of it. He said that just as Pakistani workers changed the map of Dubai, if given the opportunity, Pakistan can provide the best manpower for Qatar.

President KATI said that there is a ban on Pakistan’s seafood in Qatar, which needs to be lifted. He emphasized that seafood trade from Pakistan will not only make Qatar available in better quality in less time but at lower freight rates. On this occasion, it was immediately agreed between President KATI Faraz-ur-Rehman and the Consul General to take a trade delegation to Qatar at the end of this month. In this regard, KATI Vice President Muslim Mohammadi was nominated as the focal person under whose supervision the delegation will depart.

Standing Committee Chairman Rashid Siddiqui congratulated the Consul General for organizing the successful World Cup. He said that Doha Airport is among the best and most beautiful airports in the world. Siddiqui said that the promotion of trade between the two countries can be done by exchanging delegations and increasing activities. He said that measures should be taken for ease of doing business for Pakistani investors in Qatar. Rashid Siddiqui suggested that a desk should be established in the consulate to provide facilities to the investors of Karachi, especially KATI. Danish Khan, Johar Qandhari and Farrukh Mazhar, Muslim MohammadiP also spoke on this occasion.

Photo Caption: KATI President Faraz-ur-Rehman presenting the shield to Qatar Consul General Mishal Al Ansari, Nighat Awan, Muslim Mohamedi, Rashid Siddiqui, Saleem-uz-Zaman, Maheen Salman, Tariq Hussain, Salman Sabri, Aamir Yousuf and others are present.

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