Public health role crucial in fighting blindness, says Al-Shifa Trust.

President Al-Shifa Trust Maj. Gen. (R) Rehmat Khan on Monday said vision impairment and eye disease are major problems and proper public health interventions can reduce the prevalence of blindness in Pakistan.

The current annual cost of vision impairment and eye disease in the world runs in hundreds of billions of dollars, which include the impact of lost productivity, diminished quality of life, increased depression, etc., he said.

Addressing the first international conference on Public Health, Maj. Gen. (R) Rehmat Khan said that Public Health great tool for fighting blindness which must be utilized optimally.

He said that professionals in Public Health could educate the masses on the importance of eye care and ways to maintain good eye health.

This education can include information on proper nutrition, the importance of regular eye checkups, and ways to protect the eyes from injury.

Research by Public Health professionals about the prevalence of eye diseases and conditions in the population can help eye hospitals and NGOs in developing prevention and treatment strategies, he said.

Dean of PIO, Prof. Dr. Wajid Ali Khan, Advisor to the HEC Chairman Awais Ahmed, Dr. Zahid A. Butt from the University of Waterloo, Canada, Prof. Tokie Anme from Tsukuba University Japan, Babar Tanseem Sheikh, Director of John Snow International, Mrs.Tahira Ammad, Chairperson of Special Pakistan. Dr. Ayesha Babar Kawish, HOD of Al-Shifa School of Public Health, (ASOPH), Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, Associate Professor at ASOPH, Dr. Quratulain Waheed, Senior Lecturer at ASOPH Dr. Ammara Ajmal, Assistant Professor at ASOPH contributing their expertise to the discussions.

The conference provided a unique opportunity for participants to engage with experts from diverse fields within public health. Attendees included faculty and students from the Al-Shifa School of Public Health, higher management of Al-Shifa Trust, and other public health professionals. Through a series of presentations, discussions, and networking events, the conference succeeded in fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among experts, paving the way for future advancements in public health research and practice.

The 1st International Public Health Conference provided a platform for experts in public health to come together and exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge. The conference was attended by an impressive list of speakers and participants from around the world, making it an unforgettable experience for all involved.

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