PTA felicitates PTI on wining general election

Chairman, Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) Mr. Amanullah Aftab on his behalf and on behalf of entire Central Executive Committee of association congratulated to Mr. Imran Khan, Chairman, Pakistan Tehreeke Insaaf on achievement of the success in General Election held in country.

Since PTI emerged as the largest party in election, Mr. Imran Khan would become Prime Minister of Pakistan and with his capable Federal Cabinet to resolve ongoing economic challenges for the revival in particular and rest of country’s issues in general as elaborated in briefed in his victory speech delivered to the nation.

The Chairman, PTA Mr. Amanullah Aftab has highlighted the significance of Leather Sector of Pakistan being 2nd biggest export oriented Industry and major contributor to country’s GDP and he also articulated the severe grievances being confronted by this important Export Sector/Industry of the country which are rendering them in competitive in international market in comparison with neighbor competing countries owing to high cost of doing business in Pakistan with the major plea 1) high cost of production 2) higher electricity & gas charges 3) unnecessary Taxes/Hurdles on Export & Import stages 4) huge pending claims for Duty Drawback, Sales Tax Refund, Income Tax Refund Claims and DLTL claims, which are stuck up in Million of Rupees at SBP and particularly DLTL claims for 2.5% effective from July’2017 irrespective of 10% incremental exports, while the Leather Industry is eagerly awaiting for the DLTL procedures for the remaining portion of 2.5% with the incremental exports despite assurance made to the Industry.

He also added that this vital Industry I.e. Finished Leather, which is the most value added product of Leather Sector as mother Industry has unfortunately been made in Isolation in the next DLTL scheme for the year 2018-21 already announced earlier without consultation of PTA/major stake holder of the Industry. The Leather Industry has been in severe clutches/problems and facing declining trend for the last 5 years consecutively, resultantly 40% Industry of the country has already been closed down, while rest are suffering a lot severely owing to the wrong policies adopted earlier.

Mr. Amanullah Aftab, Chairman, PTA and entire exporters of Leather Sector/PTA’s members do hope with confidence that under your dynamic Leadership all the obstacles/problems of the Industry would be removed to provide level playing field to this vibrant Industry of the country to enable our member exporters to continue to play their pivotal role with enthusiasm & facilitation for the promotion of country’s exports with the conclusion of enormous export orders for yielding the precious foreign exchange for the country. While concluding the Chairman, PTA assured to extend full cooperation to your Government hopefully to be effective in due course with our feedback in the formation of Policies for the Industry, which are optimistic to be business friendly & effective.

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