PSX market made a strong come back today

· Market made a strong come back today by adding a total of 930pts during the session and ending the session +856pts (unadjusted). Tech & Refinery sectors contributed to change of sentiment, which hit lower circuits yesterday and rebounded today. After yesterday’s dismal performance, the total leverage dropped to Rs. 33B with significant reduction in leverage levels of Tech & Refinery sectors stocks in recent time, thereby giving some breathing space to the Investors. Besides, buying activity was observed across the board with consistent performance from Fertilizer sector, but saw rebound in E&P, O&GMCs and Cement sector stocks. Among scrips, TRG topped the volumes with 20.6M shares, followed by NETSOL (19.2M) and UNITY (16.4M).

· The Index closed at 44,405pts as against 43,548pts showing an increase of 857pts (+2% DoD). Sectors contributing to the performance include Cement (+165pts), Technology (+137pts), Banks (+97pts), E&P (+53pts) and Power (+53pts).

· Volumes increased slightly from 302.8mn shares to 306.0mn shares (+1% DoD). Average traded value increased by 20% to reach US$ 105.1mn as against US$ 87.5mn.

· Stocks that contributed significantly to the volumes include TRG, NETSOL, UNITY, ANL and BYCO, which formed 29% of total volumes.

· Stocks that contributed positively to the index include TRG (+103pts), LUCK (+66pts), HUBC (+41pts), HBL (+32pts) and SYS (+27pts). Stocks that contributed negatively include BAFL (-4pts), EFUG (-3pts), AKBL (-2pts), INDU (-2pts) and ATLH (-1pts).

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