Prof. Dr. Syed Shabib-Ul-Hasan appointed VC of Hamdard University

Prof. Dr. Syed Shabib-ul-Hasan has been appointed as the new Vice Chancellor, Hamdard University Karachi with effect from July 3, 2017. He has replaced Prof. Dr. Hakim Abdul Hannan, who is made as the Head of Research & Development in Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Syed Shabib-ul-Hasan is a seasoned educationist, having more than 10 years’ experience in the Department of Public Administration, University of Karachi and remained its Chairman till joining the Hamdard University. He is a holder of PhD degree in Finance and Management and his 30 research articles have been published in reputed journals.

Prof. Dr. Hakim Abdul Hannan is a physician par excellence, educationist and researcher, who also worked with Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said and has vast experience of Unani Medicine.

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