Power Generation up by 2.6% YoY during 8MFY21 in Pakistan

Power generation went up by 4.0% YoY to 7,281 GWh (10,835 MW) during Feb’21, compared to 7,002 GWh (10,060 MW) during Feb’20.

Major contributors during Feb’21 were: Hydel (Share: 28%), Coal (Share: 26%), RLNG (Share: 17%), Gas (Share: 12%), Nuclear (Share: 11%), Bagasse (Share: 1.4%), Wind (Share: 1.4%) and FO (Share: 1%).

RLNG and Nuclear-based generation increased by 114% YoY and 4.5% YoY respectively. However, Hydel, Coal, Gas and FO-based power generation went down by 10% YoY, 9% YoY, 1% YoY and 0.8% YoY, respectively.

During Feb’21, fuel cost for power generation increased by 12.3% YoY to PKR 4.71/KWh mainly due to 10% YoY decline in Hydel-based generation.

8-month power generation also at its high – up by 2.6% YoY

During 8MFY21, power generation increased by 2.6% YoY to 83,407 GWh (14,302 MW) compared with 81,262 GWh (13,934 MW) during 8MFY20.

Major contributors during 8MFY21 were: Hydel (Share: 32%), Coal (Share: 21%), RLNG (Share: 20%), Gas (Share: 11%), Nuclear (Share: 7%) and FO (Share: 5%).

Hydel, FO, RLNG, Bagasse and Solar-based generation increased by 5% YoY, 17% YoY, 10% YoY, 22% YoY and 1% YoY respectively. However, Coal, Gas, Nuclear and Wind-based power generation went down by 1% YoY, 12% YoY, 2% YoY and 9% YoY, respectively.

During 8MFY21, fuel cost for power generation decreased by 10.9% YoY to an average of PKR 4.38/KWh mainly due to rise in Hydel-based generation and decline in RLNG-based cost of generation.

Fuel Cost up by 12.3% YoY during Feb’21

The rise in fuel cost during Feb’21 was led by the following reasons:

o Hydel-based generation was down by 10% YoY to 2,034 GWh during Feb’21 compared with 2,258 GWh during same month last year.

o Wind-based generation was down by 7% YoY to 98 GWh during Feb’21, lowest in 28 months.

o Solar-based generation was down by 6% YoY to .

o Coal-based cost of generation was up by 4.6% YoY to PKR 7.06/KWh during Feb’21 due to 7.5% YoY rise in coal prices.

o Gas-based cost of generation increased by 14.0% YoY to PKR 7.72/KWh during the month.

Courtesy – AHL Research

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