PNSC signs loan agreement with FAYSAL BANK

Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) has successfully swapped its loan of Rs 3.3 billion with another loan on soft terms; with a repayment period of four years on low mark-up and as a consequence PNSC has saved tens of millions of rupees. In this respect, a signing ceremony was held in the PNSC Building on Wednesday the 18th November 2015. The ceremony was attended by the Federal Minister Ports and Shipping, Senator  Mr. Kamran Michael, Chairman PNSC, Mr. ArifElahi, Ms. Tayyaba Rasheed, Head of Investment Banking Faysal Bank; General Manager – Finance,  PNSC, Mr. JarrarHaiderKazmi and others. The Agreement was signed by Mr. Bilal Asghar, Head of Corporate Investment Banking on behalf of Faysal Bank and Mr. Imtiaz C. Agboatwala Executive Director – Finance; signed on behalf of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation. On this occasion Chairman Mr. Arif Elahi informed that this has enabled PNSC to repay the outstanding loan and replace with a loan on softer terms, saving substantial financial cost.

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