PL Trakker commemorates Pinktober: Awareness Barhao Jaan Bachao

In a heartfelt commemoration of Pinktober, Mr. Rao Salman, CEO of TPL Trakker, along with the executive leadership team, embarked on a thoughtful visit to Baitul Sukoon, a cancer hospital giving free end-to-end treatment to breast cancer patients. Serving as a beacon of hope, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including mammography, ultrasound, radiology, and a pathology laboratory, among others.

Every year, 40,000 women in Pakistan lose their battle against breast cancer. Early detection, self-evaluation, and bi-yearly checkups can prevent the disease from spreading. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the world, and treatment at early to mid-stage can be lifesaving. Women are encouraged to maintain a healthy weight, adopt a balanced diet, and be physically active to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

This visit aimed to extend awareness of the deadly disease and make gestures of support and compassion to the brave patients. TPL Trakker honors Mr. Jameel Yusuf, S.St. Co-chairperson and Managing Trustee at Baitul Sukoon, in recognition of his outstanding commitment and contributions. His dedication to the betterment of the hospital and patient care exemplifies the spirit of community service and solidarity.

TPL Trakker remains committed to “Awareness Barhao Jaan Bachao”, a slogan of positivity, contributing to the collective effort to create awareness about the fight against breast cancer.


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