Peek Freans Sooper celebrates Pakistanis and their love for their cricketers

With the ICC T20 World Cup just around the corner, Peek Freans Sooper has launched a campaign to celebrate the nation’s invaluable connection with the cricketing heroes of the Pakistan cricket team. The celebrations convey the idea of how simple moments of interactions with our cricketers can turn into life-long memories for the fans of the sport.

Through its platform, Peek Freans Sooper aims to foster the tradition of honoring the cricket stars of Pakistan and their commitment, dedication, and hard work to achieve international success. The campaign features Pakistanis and their ‘seedhi saadi khushi’ in savored moments through which they feel connected to the cricketers of Pakistan. The overarching message of this campaign points out the ability to find genuine happiness in seemingly insignificant events which may become precious to us in the future.

Executive Director of EBM, Shahzain Munir said “The purpose of connecting Sooper’s seedhi saadi khushi to the nation’s love and enthusiasm for cricket is not only to celebrate the love of cricket but also to honor the journey of our national heroes and, above all, to let them know their importance to every Pakistani fan. Cricket, as a sport, holds a special place in the hearts of all Pakistani’s and this campaign demonstrates just that. We wish our cricket team the very best for this tournament and hope that they come back with the cup.”

The advertisements were launched two days ago and have gained over 2 million views. The viewers applauded and loved the concept while they shared their own experiences and moments which made them fall in love with their favorite cricket stars.

The campaign pays tribute to legendary cricketers like Shahid Afridi, rising star Naseem Shah, power-hitter Asif Ali and our very own matchwinner Shadab Khan.

This campaign is part of a Sooper’s larger brand purpose to remind us to find joy in simple everyday moments under the banner of Seedhi Saadi Khushi.


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