PCSIR Laboratories suffer from gas load shedding

Domestic consumers living in the PCSIR Laboratories campus have left in the lurch, with no natural gas being provided to them and have been facing hardships owing to no gas supply for the last 10 days. The intermittent shutdown of gas to the residents of PCSIR Laboratories has become a routine, forcing people to buy food from eateries to feed family members.

Located in the premises of PCSIR Labs, PCSIR campus colony is resided by scientists, physicists, and engineers of PCSIR. However, they have been suffering from gas shortages as temperatures going down amid a major gas shortfall in the country during the winter season. The people have no other option but to use gas cylinders which are adding to their household expenses. This step is also affecting research works carried out by the scientists of PCSIR on an individual basis.

How unlucky could be a country where its highly qualified scientists and engineers are destined to suffer from intermittent non-supply of gas, instead of doing anything productive for the country. Forget about devising untapped ways to generate energy amidst on-going energy crisis, as here scientists working at the Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR) Laboratories Karachi now put their heads together to resolve a challenging riddle as how to convince the concerned authorities to supply them gas on a regular basis.

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