PakVitae Pvt is the best instant clean water solution to flooding affectees in Pakistan

The floods in Pakistan, as a result of record monsoon rains and melting glaciers in the northern part of the country, have been described as the worst ever. The death toll is in the thousands, mostly children and the elderly losing their lives. More than three million people urgently need basics like clean water and food as the devastation has destroyed numerous villages and towns across the country.

With clean drinking water being one of the huge problems to arise from this natural disaster, Murtaza Hashwani, businessman, entrepreneur and successful impact investor, has activated one of his fast-growing companies in Pakistan to aid the flood relief, ensuring clean drinking water in many disasters stricken areas.

PakVitae Pvt Ltd has stepped forward to support the rescue and disaster relief missions by making 20,000 units of its unique, affordable and highly efficient “EveryWater” water filtration systems to various agencies engaged in the rescue and relief operations. Targeting remote areas in Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab and KPK, “EveryWater” water purifiers are helping people fight water-borne diseases such as cholera in such conditions. These units will ensure the availability of clean drinking water for over 200,000 people, and PakVitae has increased its production capacity to meet the rapidly growing demand.

Co-founder of EveryWater Shayan Sohail, helping with the distribution and demonstration efforts of EveryWater purification units in Kashmore District

“EveryWater” water purifiers also solve the logistical problem of transporting thousands of water bottles daily to flood-affected areas while saving the country from plastic pollution.

Citizens can donate PakVitae filters through or the Hashoo Foundation’semergency flood drive.

Log on to: donate emergency relief packages, including PakVitae water filters, to prevent health-related issues that millions of people are vulnerable to in these areas.

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