Pakistan State Oil continues seamless nationwide fuel supply, ensures ample fuel reserves

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In continuation of its resolute commitment toward fueling the country without interruption, Pakistan’s leading oil marketing company Pakistan State Oil continues smooth nationwide fuel supplies besides ensuring ample fuel reserves in stock. Amid a news item that recently appeared in an English daily claiming Pakistan’s fuel reserves to be falling down and oil suppliers facing storage constraints, Pakistan State Oil has dismissed the apprehensions on grounds of the timely measures it takes to ensure uninterrupted supply of fuel to all PSO retail stations across the country and replenish its reserves on a regular basis.

At present, Pakistan State Oil has working stocks of about 135,000 MT of petrol and 250,000 MT of Diesel, with 58,000 MT Petrol and 55,000 MT Diesel cargoes beingready off-port Karachi for unloading. In addition, Pakistan State Oil retail outlets storages are also adequately filled up to meet the nation’s energy needs.

Improving fuel quality and meeting the nation’s energy requirements have been key constituents of Pakistan State Oil’s mission, both of which are efficiently met by the company. Recently, the company ushered Pakistan in a new era of premium quality fuels by introducing higher-RON Altron Premium and Altron X High Performance fuel products for the very first timein the country.

Committed to providing best possible service to its customers, Pakistan State Oil takes proactive measures to save them any inconvenience besides keeping a close watch on the demand and supply cycle of the country to ensure continuous fuel supply across the country.

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