Pakistan received four bids against its urea tender.

The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) has received four bids from international suppliers for supplying 300,000 metric tonnes of urea. The prices range from US$389.92 to 405.50 per ton of prilled/granular urea for delivery C&F at Karachi Port and Gwadar Port. The lowest bidder, ABG Trading, will likely win the contract to supply 100,000 metric tonnes of urea at US$ 389.92 for providing Karachi or Gwadar Port. The origin of the urea supply is open.

The second lowest bidder is SAMSUNG C&T for the supply of 50,000 prilled urea at Karachi Port at US$ 419.00 per ton and US$420 for delivery at Gwadar Port. The urea would be supplied of Egyptian origin. The third lowest bidder is West Trade Int’l for the supply of 50,000 metric tonnes prilled & granular at Karachi Port on U$$ 394.49 per ton at Karachi Port and US$ 404.90 per ton at Gwadar Port. It can be supplied from Oman, China, Indonesia, Egypt, etc, from open source. The fourth bidder, Keytrade Ag, for the supply of 100,000 metric tonnes of prilled & granular urea at Karachi Port and US$405.50 per ton.

The National Fertilizer Development Center, a governmental advisory body, has projected the Rabi season’s urea demand at approximately 3.335 million metric tonnes, indicating a significant shortfall of 509,000 tonnes, including 200,000 tonnes of strategic reserves.

The tender requires that the urea be delivered in four to seven lots, ensuring the complete arrival of the cargo in Pakistan by the January deadline, thus securing the fertilizer needs for the Rabi cropping season.

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