Pakistan Navy ship ‘Tabuk’ visits Aksaz Naval Base in Turkey

Pakistan Navy Corvette PNS TABUK visited Aksaz Naval Base in Turkey between 30 November and 3 December 2020. On its return, PNS Tabuk also conducted a coordinated patrol with the Turkish Navy Ships.

Pakistan and Turkey enjoy fraternal ties and the brotherly countries’ navies have maintained warm and cordial relations for decades. The interaction between the two navies includes regular exercises, port calls, training exchange programmes and collaboration in the naval production sector.

PNS Tabuk port visit to Aksaz Naval Base was a manifestation of the strong bond that the two navies enjoy as PNS Tabuk was commissioned in November 2020 in Romania and moved to Karachi.

PNS Tabuk is a multipurpose and highly adaptive platform equipped with state of the art electronic warfare, anti-ship and anti-air weapons/sensors along with modern self-protection and terminal defence system. It is capable of embarking multi-role helicopter and UAV simultaneously and can perform a variety of maritime operations.

During its stay at Aksaz Naval Base, Commanding Officer of PNS Tabuk and Defence Attache of Pakistan Embassy called on Aksaz Naval Base commander.

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