Pakistan Coating Association and KCCI vow to work jointly to promote industries.

A delegation Pakistan Coating Association (PCA) led by its Chairman, Mr Siraj Uddin, met the President of KCCI, Mr Muhammad Tariq Yousuf and discussed the matter of cooperation for resolving business communities’ problems from the Chambers platform. PCA delegation visited the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry and greeted the newly elected Office Bearers of KCCI. The President of KCCI, Mr Muhammad Tariq Yousuf, welcomed the PCA delegation and appreciated them for visiting the Chamber.

KCCI President assured of all possible support to PCA in developing and promoting the coating industry. He suggested a PCA member could be inducted into their Housing & Construction Committee. Also, PCA can be a member of KCCI. Mr Tariq Yousuf also recommended PCA to participate in KCCI’s “My Karachi Exhibition”. He also offered to arrange a single-country exhibition through TDAP.

The Chairman, PCA, Mr Siraj Uddin, while addressing the house, thanked KCCI officials for extending a warm welcome to his delegation. He thanked Allah and his PCA members for nominating him as Chairman of the Association. He added that business-related issues and problems are more or less common among us. Hence, he suggested working together to promote business.

Mr Siraj Uddin is a strong opinion to believe in their slogan “MAIN NAHI HUM”. He emphasized living together and working jointly.

After the introduction of participants, Mr Muhammad Yousuf, Former Senior Vice Chairman of PCA, briefed on PCA’s inception and its membership strength (200 Members); also informed the Chamber that undercoating the industry’s umbrella there are six major manufacturing sectors like Paints, Adhesive, Resins, Powder Coating, Inks and Mining etc.

He apprised the house that PCA has signed MOU with LCCI and RCCI and also looked forward to signing MOU with the KCCI. To enhance their Membership Drive, PCA plans to visit Balochistan shortly, as they have a huge mineral and mining sector, which is also an important component of the coating industry, he added. He said PCA is interested in inducting their Member from Karachi as a nominee in KCCI.

Knowing that Mr Yousuf is one of the pioneer founders of PCA and also has in-depth knowledge and insights into the industry, as well as the Association, the Chairman of PCA, Mr Siraj Uddin, wanted the floor to be with him for a while, so he can also come up with serious issues and problems being faced by the industry as a whole and members of PCA in particular.

Mr Yousuf further stated that Coating is an export-oriented industry that needs to be included in the O-rated export category. Recently, FTO, Mr Asif Mahmood Jah, was Chief Guest at our Annual Dinner and had a constructive discussion on taxation and FBR, he added. Mr Yousuf also pointed out major issues these days being faced by the importers, that documents not being released by the Bank, which results in Demurrage and Detention costs. In response, Mr Haris Agar, Vice President, KCCI, suggested forwarding their complaints in writing to KCCI, and they will try to resolve them. Mr Yousuf also highlighted that income tax on importing basic raw materials was two percent earlier, and now extra 1.5 people have been imposed. Mr Usman Umer, Executive Committee Member, PCA, seconded Mr Yousuf.

While commenting on being export-oriented, they suggested that lands in the Hawkesbury area should be given to business people for setting up manufacturing units.

Responding to him, the President of KCCI, Mr Tariq Yousuf, apprised that 1600 acres industrial zone is coming up soon. He also appreciated the Sundar industrial estate policy on lands and informed that no more resale was allowed in the industrial area.

Mr Badar Haroon, Senior Vice Chairman, PCA, congratulated the newly elected Office Bearers. He desired, with KCCI, to form a Coating Committee in the Chamber. Seconding Mr Muhammad Yousuf, he said Balochistan is a lucrative market for coating activities. He explained to the house that Calcium Carbonate is a part of mining and an important factor in the coating industry. Mr Badar informed the Chamber that PCA was registered with the DGTO in 2021. He expected KCCI to be a bridge between the Government and us.

KCCI Managing Committee Member Mr Arif Lakhany, while speaking to the house about hurdles in importing, thought to encourage setting up raw materials manufacturing units rather than relying on imports. Mr Khalid Khanani, Former Senior Vice Chairman of PCA, emphasized developing infrastructure for the business community.

Those who attended the meeting from KCCI were Mr Muhammad Tariq Yousuf, President,

Mr Haris Agar, Vice President, Mr Arif Lakhany, Managing Committee Member; Mr Asim Ejaz, Managing Committee Member and from PCA were Mr Siraj Uddin, Chairman; Mr M. Badar Haroon, Senior Vice Chairman; Mr Muhammad Yousuf, Former Senior Vice Chairman, Mr Khalid Khanani, Former Senior Vice Chairman, Mr Musa Yahya Baghpatee, Executive Committee, Member, Mr Usman Umer, Executive Committee Member and Mr Iftekhar Rahat, Secretary, South Region.

Finally, Vice President KCCI, Mr Haris Agar, delivered the vote of thanks and exchange of souvenirs and flower bouquets, followed by a photo session.

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