Pakistan can import cheap food items from India.

Pakistani elites consider trade with India as a death knell for their interests. Still, importing cheap food items from India will reduce inflation in Pakistan and provide relief to the people, but this is not acceptable to the establishment. People could buy onions and tomatoes at Rs250 per kg, but importing these items from India at Rs40 per kg cannot be allowed because it will hit the interests of our hoarders and profiteers.

Dr Hanif Mughal, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek Shadbad, expressed these views while talking to the President of Pakistan Economy Watch, Dr Murtaza Mughal. He said that Pakistan is suffering from confusion about India. It is neither considered an enemy nor a friend.

America and Europe do not want to offend India, but despite being bankrupt, we are always ready to confront the fifth largest economic power in the world, he added.

He said one would support a failing state against India, whose annual exports are more than $770 billion.

He observed that India would become the world’s third-largest economy in a few years while we would continue to beg for survival.

Suppose we improve relations and open trade with India. In that case, our import bill will decrease by billions of dollars, food items and other goods will become cheaper, the back of the profiteering mafia will be broken, and the country will develop in many areas, including technology. Trade with India is in the people’s interest but unacceptable to the elite plundering national resources for decades.

India imported 758 billion dollars in 2021. And if relations improve and Pakistan gets even a two percent share, we will get a foreign exchange of more than fifteen billion dollars, which will solve many of our problems, participants said.

India does not want a conflict with Pakistan as she is fully focused on development, while Indians know that the instability and disorder in Pakistan will also affect their economy. Instead of blood-warming hymns, we should act realistically and set our priorities according to the requirements of the time.

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