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In line with directive of Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan on reaching out to the public through holding Khuli Kachehris by organizations under the Federal Government, National Highway Authority Member Coordination Mr. Asim Amin held E-Kachehri at headoffice of the Authority through NHA official Facebook Page and answered to the questions placed by the people all over the country.

In his opening remarks Mr. Asim Amin (Member Coordination) said, as per directive of the Prime Minister office, complaints regarding overcharging and provision of sub-standard items at motorway service/rest areas are being attended promptly. To this effect, NHA has formed special teams which raided on the spot and took action against the responsible. He appealed to the travelers to obtain receipt of shopping and compare the rates shown on receipt with the rates declared by the local administration also displayed there. In case of overcharging complaints may be lodged at the phone numbers provided there. He assured that necessary immediate action will be taken against the defaulters. Speaking about Hyderabad-Sukkur motorway he said, the project will be re-tendered and hopefully construction work will be started next year. NHA has also planned a direly needed flyover on Islamabad-Murree Road at cost of about Rs. 6.5 billion and this project will be tendered by July 2021. He informed that maintenance activities on Balkasar-Mianwali Road (129KM) and Mianwali-Muzaffargarh Road (286KM) will be started in 8 to 12 weeks. He said, Indus Highway is an important North South Link and it reduces distance between Peshawar and Karachi by 450 Km as compared to Karachi-Lahore-Peshawar National Highway (N-5). This two lane highway is being dualised in sections gradually.

He said, 2-lane Karachi-Quetta road will also be dualised. He also informed about proposed flyover at Shahdara near Lahore to control traffic congestion there. He expected that this flyover would be tendered by November 2021. He said Lahore-Sialkot Motorway will further be extended to Kharain and Rawalpindi. Sialkot-Kharian (70KM) and Kharian-Rawalpindi (115 KM) projects will also be tendered by November 2021.

Giving answers to the questions Mr. Mr. Asim Amin (Member Coordination) said, work on Kohat-Jand road is in progress and that installation of warning signs at necessary points will be ensured. He said, shifting of utilities at Soan Road project near Rawalpindi is in progress, and on its completion, NHA will realize its work in about eight months period. He said, work on a segment of Mardan-Shergarh road is also in progress while remaining portion is near award of work.

He said, money collected from Toll Tax is used for maintenance of NHA network. Presently NHA is getting about Rs. 30 Billion annually from toll tax, while the amount required for maintenance of network is Rs. 70 to 80 Billion. In such a state, priorities are determined and that Jhelum-Lahore G.T Road stands among NHA priorities. Giving answer to a question, he further said, in order to ensure smooth flow of traffic at Pindi Bhattian Toll Plaza steps like increasing Booths, M-Tag and Electronic Toll Collection system are being considered for execution that will ultimately improve traffic conditions there. He said, work on Hakla-D.I.Khan Motorway is in progress including a bridge on Indus River and it is expected that this motorway will be operational next year. He said work on Chitral-Shandur road project will be started soon with cooperation of neighboring friendly country China.

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