NDRMF and IRC Pakistan emerge as Strategic Partners for shaping Resilience

In an attempt to address the challenges of disaster risks and vulnerability faced by Pakistan, the National Disaster Risk Management Fund (NDRMF) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) have solidified their commitment for enhancing resilience in Pakistan through signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This initiative marks a significant collaboration between NDMRF Pakistan leading public sector entity and IRC a global humanitarian organization.

Pakistan faces some of the highest disaster risk levels in the world, ranked 11 out of 193 countries by the 2023 World Risk Report. Pakistan also has high exposure to flooding, including flash, and coastal, as well as exposure to tropical cyclones and drought. The Disaster risk in Pakistan is further exacerbated by its social vulnerability. Pakistan’s vulnerability ranking (37 out of 191) is driven by its high rates of multidimensional poverty.

The scope of this collaboration encompasses joint efforts in strengthening Community-Based Disaster Risk Management/Reduction models, the outlook for anticipatory actions. This includes consultations on innovative programmes and policy ideas for strengthening resilience in communities, civil society organizations (CSOs), and relevant institutions. NDRMF and IRC will leverage their partner networks to foster collaboration in areas of mutual interest. The organizations further commit to share technical assistance for developing a repository of best practices on resilience.

In the realm of policy advocacy, the organizations will engage in public profiling and awareness programs to address issues exacerbating climate adaptation and resilience markers. This would entail co-creating evidence pieces for informed decision making, programming and potential avenues of technology transfers as well as to disseminate research findings to build a consistent, coherent national to global narrative.

In a joint statement, Mr. Bilal Anwar, (CEO NDRMF), and Ms. Shabnam Baloch, Country Director the (IRC), conveyed their unwavering commitment to the newly formed partnership. They underscored the critical significance of collaborative initiatives, tackling the multifaceted challenges presented by climate change and natural disasters specifically within the context of Pakistan. Mr. Anwar and Ms. Baloch recognized the potential of the Pakistani youth as catalysts for positive change and committed in engaging them in the co-creation of solutions. They highlighted the importance of youth engagement at the grassroots level, ensuring that the perspectives and innovative ideas of the youth are integral to initiatives undertaken by NDRMF and IRC.


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