Nayatel & Huawei Technologies Pakistan celebrate a decade of business together

Nayatel & Huawei celebrated a decade of a successful partnership at Serena Hotel in Islamabad. The event was attended by both teams and there was a warm sense of partnership and accomplishment in the air as they came together to celebrate a decade longjourney of two companies growing stronger together.

Managing Director Huawei EBG, Mr. GaoWeijie gave the welcome address and talked about the friendship between the two companies and how they have become more like family over the last decade. He announced a specially created commemorative coin to mark this special occasion that would be presented to the guests.

Mr. Aqeel Khurshid, CTO Nayatel said “Huawei & Nayatel together did a lot of great things and are still doing so, in these 10 years we built a great trust and confidence in Huawei. Nayatel & Huawei both are customer centric and very innovative organizations, and because of these common attributes we developed a strong bond between Nayatel& Huawei.”

COO Nayatel, Mr. Saad Saleem said “Nayatel started business with Huawei in 2012, we felt very comfortable in dealing with a Chinese company, it was the best decision we made. Nayatel was founded on principles of Quality, Service, Passion and desire to serve, and same are the values of Huawei. Together the two organizations plan to build more secure and stable networks for our customers”

“We have been lucky that we have partnered with Huawei. Huawei truly believes in Innovation because they are focused on R&D. Everyone buys Huawei, because Huawei is a great brand. Together both companies need to work hard and take calculated risks so we can create history together” said Mr. WahajSiraj who is the CEO for Nayatel.

A milestone video showcased the last decade which was appreciated by everyone after which a celebratory cake cutting ceremony was held where Mr. Gao Weijie (Managing Director EBG), Mr. Pan Feng (new Managing Director EBG), Mr. Shahzad Rasheed (CEO Cloud) and Mr. Faran Humayun (Director ISP) were joined by Mr. Rashid Ali Khan (Board member), Mr. Jahangir Khan (Board member), Mr. Wahaj Siraj (CEO Nayatel), Mr. Khawaja Saad Saleem (COO Nayatel) and Mr. Aqeel Khurshid (CTO Nayatel).

Shields were distributed by both teams, followed by the Nayatel and Huawei management teams signing an MOU for a strategic partnership for the coming years with an aligned vision to grow together as a family. 



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