Mir Hasil Khan Bazingo assured the Shipping & Logistics Industry for Government’s full support

The well attended 7th Sustainable Shipping, Logistics & Supply Chain Management Conference & Exhibition ended with speech by Chief Guest Mir Hasil Khan Bazinjo (Federal Minister for Ports & Shipping, Government of Pakistan).

In his speech the federal Minister for ports and shipping accepted the deliberations, concerns and recommendations of the conference being shipping and logistics support services in shambles in our country, infra structure in a dilapidated state and supply chain management depends on out sourcing. He not only assured his support but also promised to redress the grievances of the business community .He further assured the participants of the conference of his full assistance for the growth and development of warehousing and port in the country. He also suggested changing the name of his ministry to Maritime Ministry.

The Conference was also attended by Vice Admiral Syed Arifullah Hussaini, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Projects), Pakistan Navy, Naheed Memon, Chairperson, Sindh Board of Investment, Brgd Rashid Siddiqi, Executive Director, PNSC and many other professionals. They also addressed to the august gathering.

Earlier, in the morning, the conference was inaugurated by Vice Admiral Syed Arifullah Hussaini, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Projects), Pakistan Navy and attended by   prominent Speakers Ms. Naheed Memon, Chairperson, SBOI, Tariq Rangoonwala, Chairman, ICC Pakistan, A Hashim, President & CEO, Homepack Freight, Ali Tariq, Managing Director, Taq Logistics, Fahim Sulaiman, Director Jang & Geo Tv, Mohammed Hanif Ajari, Director Supply Chain, Getzs Pharma, Ateeq Ur Rehman, CEO, Coastals Packers and others. Deputy Chief of Naval Staff emphasized to bring the technologies in the trade and get the benefits of digitalization. Naheed Memon briefed the corporate audience about the developments in CPEC and the role of sindh government and SBOI.

Mehmood Tareen Founder & CEO, The Professionals Network and the organizer of the conference emphasized on the importance of such Conferences, he thanked for coordination of sponsors, participants and facilitators for their valuable support for making this conference a grand success and result oriented. He promised to continue his efforts for the betterment of supply chain solutions.

Ateeq Ur Rehman spoke of misplaced priorities and gross negligence in the shipping, logistics and warehousing industry of Pakistan. He requested the government to release the burden of the supply chain management entrepreneurs from imposed indirect and withholding taxes. He suggested reducing the custom duty on the import of pre engineered building (Warehouse) and place it on zero rating, thus this will encourage the growth of warehousing in the country.

At the concluding of the event, nine companies were awarded with the Executive Green Supply Chain Award by the Federal Minster Ports & Shipping. Companies include were, PNSC, CEI Logistics, APL Logistics, Emirates Logistics, Uniship Pakistan, Searle Pakistan, Assurety Consulting, BOML CFS Warehousing and Raaziq International.

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