Meta’s Community summit with civil society partners in Pakistan

On July 2, Meta held a Community Summit in Pakistan to engage with civil society partners and discuss social media best practices, online safety, and freedom of expression. This was part of Meta’s initiative to meet key stakeholders in the country and reinforce the commitment to promote a safe and open online environment in Pakistan.

Priyanka Bhalla, Meta’s Head of Safety Policy for the Asia Pacific region said, “We want people to foster online relationships and share their thoughts in an environment where they feel safe. Meta will continue to work with civil society organisations in Pakistan to help us build features and tools so people can connect online safely and responsibly.”

“This was a great opportunity to be able to meet with Pakistani civil society on child safety issues. It is encouraging to know that such engaged groups are investing in keeping those most vulnerable in our societies safe,” said Heather M. Girton, Program Specialist for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), who also attended the event.

To learn how Meta works to keep people safe on the platforms, please visit Meta’s Safety Center.


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