Meezan Bank and Roche Pakistan join forces to combat Breast Cancer.

Meezan Bank, Pakistan’s first and largest Islamic Bank, and Roche Pakistan, a global leader in biotechnology, have united in a significant initiative. This collaboration aims to alleviate the financial burden of breast cancer treatment for patients across Pakistan, marking a crucial step in the fight against this disease.

Breast cancer remains a critical health challenge in Pakistan, claiming numerous lives and impacting countless families each year. Recognising the urgency of addressing this pressing issue, Meezan Bank has pledged its unwavering support to ease the financial strain associated with diagnosis, medication, and therapy for affected individuals and their families.

This sponsorship is designed to provide the best medical services to breast cancer patients. It also aims to educate individuals on overcoming financial barriers and accessing treatment smoothly, ensuring a stress-free experience. This initiative underscores Meezan Bank’s commitment to supporting patients and their families during this challenging time.

Acknowledging the urgent need for intervention, Meezan Bank has taken action to extend a helping hand. Through collaboration with Roche Pakistan, the Bank enables access to essential breast cancer treatment, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder patients from receiving crucial care.



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