Malika-e- Tabassum Bushra Ansari stand-up comedy in Karachi

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Organized a press conference regarding Malika-e- Tabassum Bushra Ansari standup comedy in Karachi. President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Mohammad Ahmad Shah, famous actress Bushra Ansari, Sajid Hasan, Dawar Mehmood, Syed Ni Ni and Saad Khan gave a briefing in the press conference. On this occasion, President Arts Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that Dawar’s work with us is very good. We have done one-man shows of many artists. Dawar was behind Bushra Ansari for a long time. It was a big challenge. This situation has become possible—very few people in our country can bear this burden.

Bushra is a darling. We don’t have such a big female celebrity. Comedy, serious, humor, Bushra Ansari excels in every act. Like Anwar Maqsood’s family, Bushra Ansari’s family is like that. We also did Ahmed Basheer’s family session in Lahore. I am sure that this show will also be good. People need a relief, a break. There is only bad news from morning till evening.

Bushra Ansari and Anwar Maqsood’s audience is in Karachi. Failure is not written in Bushra ‘s dictionary. Bushra Ansari said that I am getting very nervous. This is stand-up comedy. Humor is free in foreign countries. People there are free from worries. My show should not be compared to that stand-up. I will carry on with what I have been doing. My relationship with you all is forty-five years old. First I said that it would not be possible for me. “People talk dirty in stand-up. I can’t do that. I’ve done a lot on stage before. It’s going to be a new experience for me. You’ll see it the same way you’ve seen me. Sajid Hasan said that under the leadership of Ahmed Shah, our team had been formed. The youth should have the same spirit as in Dawar. Bushra Ansari and Anwar Maqsood are people about whom something can be said. Bushra is a very big name in the entertainment industry.

Syed Ni Ni said that entertainment is seen on every news channel now. We thought of doing a one-man show. Our first choice was Bushra Ansari. We are very hopeful that the show will be a success. Active Media CEO Saad Khan said that we hope the audience will enjoy Bushra Ansari’s performance and actresses like Bushra Ansari are rarely seen in our country. Director Dawar Mehmood said that Queen Tabassum will be held in Karachi Arts Council of Pakistan from June 25th to July 10th.

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